How do I know who I am outside of what I do?

So I was up at 2:22am this morning contemplating this question. After a bit of unpacking and deciphering of the many thoughts I had around this, we conveniently packaged "The thoughts of Ari" into: 5 top insights to navigate: Who you are outside of what you do.

Right, y'all ready?

1. Who you are is a journey of remembering.

And for's a life long journey.

My path to remembering is one I recently realized I had the power to pave for myself. To be honest I'm not sure many of us truly believe this, which is why I choose to share these learnings.

Life gifts us with the opportunity to meet new people, have new experiences and often we adopt perspectives of ourselves according to what these are. I guess that's what all of this is really...perspective. Who I saw myself as 2 or 3 years ago is different from who I see today.

The thing about growth is that although our essence remains, how we demonstrate that pivots and changes all the time. 2. Your beliefs and morals shape your expression of self. Today, who I am is made up of the beliefs and morals that essentially express who I am at a soul level. Enviably those beliefs and morals shape my actions and what I do.

I am someone who cares about helping others connect to their most authentic selves because I see how important it was for me to do that. I believe that we each have a soul and spirit because I connect to that part of me every day and I feel more ME than ever before. I believe that in the act of doing this for myself, I help others feel safe to do that for themselves.

3. Your unique journey gives you your unique tools  Becoming aware of who I am has been influenced by the conscious realisations and learnings I have collected in my journey, to which I've actively searched for. These are the unique tools I'm talking about. In saying that I have allowed my soul and spirit to discern what resonated and what did not. It's important to learn and soak up skills from those who inspire us and have created their own waves in the world. But it is also important to let those be a guide and not become the essence of what we deem as truth.

For you are the only one who can discern this for yourself. discernment /dɪˈsəːnm(ə)nt/ Learn to pronounce


  1. the ability to judge well.

It is an incredible intuitive tool, when lead by the soul it is the sword that cuts through your path. It has been something I have worked on and continues to work on.

4. In order to truly know who you are you will be required to leap. To leap is to take action. Action for me means being courageous enough to leap amid doubt and hesitation. It feels right but so uncertain, scary but aligned, unfamiliar yet empowering. So unless we are willing to leap, knowing who you are will feel difficult. Leaping brought me clarity and confidence and lead me to a deeper understanding of who I am. 

5. There is no right or wrong to remembering who you are when you are lead with good intensions.

How you chose to tap into who you are may look completely different. Perhaps aspects of what I do could resonate with you and to that I say; use that as an opportunity to connect, listen, and adhere to what your soul believes to be true and honor that. 

I said it once and I'll say it again: There is no right or wrong way to remember you.

Please don't get caught in the trap of comparison or wanting to "do it right".

Your intuition was given to you for a reason. Use it, it is the only way to strengthen it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still learning. But what I know for sure is that I'm the closest I have ever been to the authentic expression of:

Who I am.

How about you?

Ari x