I'm sorry

To those that experienced my CONDITIONAL love.

For so long I believed that love looked a particular way.

That one must DO to be loved.

One must be STRIVING for better to be loved.

I believed that a level had to be reached to be worthy of love.

I put pressure on you to meet my expectations.

I put rules in place that in my mind were there to help you but all it did was make you feel you were not enough.

This was never true. I'm sorry.

Believe me when I say, it was only this way because it was what I believed and sometimes believe today about myself.

I know now I had to look inside to feel and experience true love. I had to unlearn a whole way of being to feel it, breath it and understand it.

But now that I know better, I do better.

Please be patient with me, I do forget sometimes.

I will do my best to come home to my pure state of unconditional love.

If someone were to ask, what is my aspiration in life, it would be this:

...to BE love

Ari xx