When perspective curates our life story

The ever-unfolding journey of life allows us to feel waves of love, joy, pain, uncertainty, and much much more. We dance from riding the wave to sometimes feeling we are drowning in it.

In our moments of courage and strength, we are buoyant and anchored. And in our moments of vulnerability, we might feel as though we are slowly sinking.

The polarity of our life experiences is what allows us the opportunity to acquire new wisdom, grow resilience, and a deeper understanding of who we are. That is if we let it.

And to truly let it, the emotions that arise will need to be felt and they will very likely feel uncomfortable. However, when they have served their purpose the learnings that eventuate can often be a pathway to enlightenment and a true understanding of one's self.

Your perspective will curate the life experiences you have.

So ask these questions:

What is it about our perspective that could be holding us back?

Where can we challenge ourselves to see things differently?

How can we take more responsibility for the reality we experience in this present moment?

Be it good, bad, happy, or sad. We can be the writers of our book, we can start and end the chapters, we can decide what the sequel looks like (that is if we even choose to have one).

What if...

We challenged our perspectives?

We had this conversation more often?

We identified our contribution to our current experiences?

Our story coincided with authentic self-expression?

We took action and actually changed our narrative?

What is your story today? How aligned is it with the story you want to tell?

Food for thought...