Your patience has been your virtue

December 9th 2018 - A letter to my true self


I find you in the quietest of times, you see all that I am, hear all of my thoughts. I find peace and serenity in your kind words, love in your warm spirit. I see you nestled in the peaks and lows of my human life, I feel you yearning from within.

You often have to wait for others who have taken your place, as I have regretfully looked outward for what I was searching for. You wait patiently for my permission to be released. Even though I’ve not quite let you shine in your fullness yet, but this awakening is the outlet of YOU in life’s present form.

I know one day, I’ll fully look to you.

When that moment comes where freedom and authenticity mould together at the crossroads of your journey.

You will be the light my love!

Remember that true love is shared with others authentically when it is sourced from within. I promise you very soon...more will know you.

Be patient. Your time is near.

Ari x

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On December 9th 2018 I wrote this letter to myself knowing that I wasn't where I wanted to be, but I held on knowing that this would be my reality.

3 years later I am the closest to my true self then I have ever been.

Society, peers, family and our own minds can riddle our thoughts with ideas of where we SHOULD be. We give an abundance of expectations and a scarcity of compassion.

Conditional love was the only function I knew when I wrote this letter. Today I experience unconditional love daily not just from others but from ME! You my friend are your most important source of love.

Yes there are moments when our loving self dissolves in disconnect, but there can always be a deep trust that she will return, stronger, more fierce and more loving than before.

If there is ever a time to keep going, it is now.

If there is ever a time to show self-compassion, it is now.

If there is ever a time to reveal to yourself what you are authentically made of, my love your time is now.

You have been so patient my love, YOUR time is NOW!

Ari x